James R. Milne – Tipping the Scales of Justice

For someone unfamiliar with the Canadian court system, the law can be cold, impersonal, and difficult to navigate. It is common to feel lost, frightened, or ignored. Court involvement also often comes up at one of the most difficult times in your life, where everything becomes more difficult to manage.

Often, the stakes have never been higher. Maybe you are going through a separation in an abusive relationship, your children are suffering, or you are at risk of losing what you have worked hard for over a lifetime. You need a lawyer you can trust who is willing to offer straightforward, practical advice and expert legal services to ensure that you receive the best possible result in your case.

James Milne is dedicated to helping you navigate and understand difficult legal issues in a way that makes you feel in control of your case.

James transferred to Ontario from Saskatchewan in August, 2015, where he practiced as a federal prosecutor and civil litigator. He is an aggressive advocate for his clients’ rights. James has argued extensively at the Provincial and Superior Court levels, and has also argued before the Court of Appeal. He has been counsel of record on a range of cases, from small lawsuits worth several thousand dollars to protracted, multi-million dollar commercial suits.

James offers expert legal services for all of your civil and family law litigation needs, including (but not limited to:

– Commercial and contract disputes – Wrongful dismissal
– Personal injury defence – Shareholder’s oppression remedy
– Denied insurance claims – Assault and battery claims
– Trust actions – Defamation claims
– Custody and access disputes – Grandparent custody and access claims
– Support orders and property claims Child and Family Services Act claims
– Estate administration and litigation – Estate Planning
– Dependent’s Relief actions – Creditors’ rights

Negotiation is the most important skill for any lawyer, and James focuses on minimizing party-party conflict and maximizing value, while remaining willing to engage in fierce in-court advocacy where negotiations break down. James is prepared to offer a wide range of services, and is trained to offer collaborative law services. He is always dedicated to getting the best result possible, at a reasonable cost.

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