Criminal Offences

Being convicted of a criminal offence can affect the rest of your life. A criminal conviction can affect your family, your livelihood, and your future. It can affect your ability to travel, to secure employment, or to engage in activities like hunting and volunteering. In some circumstances, you can even face incarceration.

Getting arrested can be terrifying and disorienting. Many people make mistakes that can follow themselves around for a lifetime. You can easily feel pressured to make a guilty plea, to make a statement, or to make some other decision that can have serious consequences. You don’t have to do this alone

Remember to exercise your right to counsel, and call Milne Law at 905-230-9111. James will fight for your rights to ensure that you receive a favourable result in your case. James provides clear, practical legal advice and sound decision-making to ensure that have the advantage of a well-prepared and carefully considered defence in your case.

Never plead guilty in a criminal matter without consulting with a lawyer, even if you think that you are. Even if you feel like you can negotiate with the Crown on your own, your inexperience, lack of legal expertise and personal interest in the outcome of the proceedings can severely undermine your position. With the benefit of carefully considered legal advice, confident courtroom advocacy and careful Crown negotiations, Milne Law is prepared to get you the best result possible for your case.

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